Print Center Customers



Planning a conference? We understand your challenges as they relate to putting together an effective conference with a limited budget. Here are a few tips to consider that may help you save money yet still have effective materials for your conference participants:

  1. Reduce page count: don’t worry about printing everything, just print the bare necessities and provide the rest in digital media (cd/dvd) form.
  2. Ditch the Binders: instead of 3-ring binders, use coil binding or perfect binding instead. These methods not only cost less, but are more eco friendly.
  3. Lose the tabs: instead of paper or Mylar tabs, use colored index divider pages instead. Add color to your books while saving money.
  4. Embrace black and white: for larger events.  Use black and white printing on your interior pages and color only on the cover. With newer technologies, you can still use gloss paper to make the cover pop.
  5. Don’t get fancy: use digital house stock papers. Fancy looks good, but costs more.
  6. Give yourself more time: time is money, and the faster materials have to be produced, the more they will cost. Also, allow yourself more time for last minute changes!
  7. Print only what you need: with digital printing, you can print only what you need when you need it, and go back and print more if necessary.
  8. Save big on shipping:  having materials ready early and proofing the materials when you get them, allows you to use ground service, saving big on shipping.
  9. Reuse, reuse, reuse: Design your posters and banners so they can be used multiple times, and make sure your banner stands come with a sturdy bag and a lifetime guarantee.
  10. Pick a printer and stick with them: When a printer is familiar with your work, they can often offer simple ideas that result in a sizable cost savings. It is also important for the printer to know the project in its entirety so they can understand every detail while making these suggestions.  Remember, a relationship has to work for both parties!