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DocuSource Donates to Support Haiti Relief

RTP, N.C. (February 2010) - DocuSource of NC, LLC is proud to support the Duke-UNC Rotary Center for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution. On February 5th, the center held a Rotary Peace Fellows Benefit for Haiti Silent Auction.  By seeking printing partnerships to donate fliers to publicize the event, the center was able to minimize any overhead costs and put 100% of the proceeds from this event toward relief efforts in Haiti.  Thank you to the Duke-UNC Rotary Center for their efforts to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti and to the many organizations that have contributed in their time of need.

"We are happy to help our worthy endeavors in our community," said Kathy Murchison, president and CEO. "The people of Haiti have suffered greatly and I'm glad we were in a position to help the Duke-UNC Rotary Center raise as much money as possible for the cause."